Pakistan harbouring foreign Uzbek, Chechen & Uyghur Islamist militants in Balochistan

Image Source: Newsweek.

Baloch journalist Hafeez Hassanabadi. He tweets at @H_Hassanabadi

As soon as Nawaz Sharif came to power as the Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2013, and Sanaullah Zehri ( present CM of Balochistan province,belongs to the same party PML(N)), sold off thousands of acres of land in Kodi area of Khuzdar district at cheap rates to Pakistan military. If we move from Khuzdar towards Hub, at a little distance from Karkh lies Zedi. According to reliable sources, military presence can be clearly observed off Zedi.


Another place named Sasol is adjacent to Zedi.  Sasol is the main hub for those running the ‘death squads’. [Death squads are Pakistan army sponsored militias that hunt and kill Baloch separatists and also carry out other excess as they are given a free hand.] While travelling from Khuzdar towards Hub and onwards to Sasol, the road turns to the left onto Kodi. As soon as one enters Kodi, the military presence atop the mountain peaks can be clearly seen. Kodi has thousands of acres of lush green mountains where running fresh water streams abounds and these streams flow till the provincial border with Sindh.

According to sources, since the last 3 years construction work on secret army posts  in ongoing. The populations of  Kodi has been shifted out from there by the army, while efforts to shift the population of areas between Zedi and Sasol are in their final stages. Huge missiles and the latest fighter aircraft have already been shifted to the area. A very trusted source also added that nuclear arsenal has also been shifted to the above mentioned area. Additionally Uzbek, Chechen and Chinese Uyghur Islamist militant leaders and commanders have been shifted here from south Waziristan and other parts of Pakistan. The locals of the area recognised them by their distinct facial features.


Mobile interceptions stops 20 Kms away from the military base in Kodi. According to sources, last year when Pakistan’s PM Nawaz Sharif and army chief Raheel Sharif inspected the Gwadar-Balgatar CPEC route they had also visited the above mentioned site in Kodi. Construction work has been completed to house more than 90% of the planned military installations. Also space for holding regular military drills is ready. Prior to this, since the last 3 years huge machinery was seen to be moving late at night from Khuzdar army camp along RCD road (aka N-25 in pic above) towards Kodi.

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